Authentic Roman Silver Coin 18 Kt Gold Pendant depicting Emperor Hadrian

  • • Handmade 100% Made in Italy • Authentic Roman Silver Coin 2nd cent. AD • Band material: 18 Kt Gold

This exquisite 18 Kt gold pendant features an authentic Roman coin from the 2nd century AD, which depicts Emperor Hadrian on one side, and the seated Goddess Fortuna on the other. Hadrian is renowned for his extensive travels, building projects, and efforts to unite the vast territories of the Roman empire. He was also a man of culture and intellect, leaving behind a legacy of poems and architectural marvels, such as the Temple of Rome and Venus and the rebuilt Pantheon. Among his most impressive achievements was Villa Adriana, a sprawling estate outside Rome that covered seven square miles and boasted lavish features like baths, libraries, sculpture gardens, and alfresco dining halls. Today, it is considered a masterpiece of Roman architecture and is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Hadrian's tomb, known as Castel Sant'Angelo, served as a burial place for subsequent emperors and later became a fortress.

On the reverse side of the coin, we see the inscription "Fortunae Reduci," which refers to Fortuna Redux, a form of the goddess who oversaw safe returns from long or hazardous journeys. Her symbols were the Cornucopia and rudder, signifying abundance and guidance, respectively.

As with all our jewelry, this pendant is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity verifying its Greek or Roman origin.