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Serra Roma, since 1910 in the heart of Rome

The traditional deep connection of our family with Roman civilization and its artistic heritage permeates our production. The "Archeological Collection” is a unique series of jewels created around authentic, historical Roman items (coins, bronzes, intaglios), where the modern element harmoniously blends with the ancient one by highlighting and complementing it.

Our Collections

Roman and Greek Pendants

The custom of mounting coins to create jewels is extremely ancient. Its origins are found in the Greek world but the tradition became widespread in Rome between AD's first and third centuries. The Romans attributed talismanic powers to jewels, which they believed were amulets, and thus gave coins a much higher value and more complex utility than that for which they were minted.

Intaglio Rings

Glyptics, the "minute but not lesser" art of engraving precious, semi-precious stones and glass pastes, were widely used in Roman times for rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings, both for men and women. The Roman intaglios were worked by skilled engravers; almost always, the choice was from mythological or allegorical themes.


The Serra rings feature an authentic Roman silver or bronze coin set in 18kt yellow gold or sterling silver.


Bracelets have been one of the most popular forms of ornamentation since prehistoric times. They have been used for protective or decorative purposes!

Cufflinks and earrings

In our earrings and cufflinks, the coins depict the Emperor and Empress, brothers or otherwise members of the same family!


The micromosaic technique was first developed at the end of the 18th century in the Vatican Mosaic Workshop. Micromosaic jewels were traditionally souvenir items from the “Grand Tours” .

Art objects

The obelisks shown in this photo are handmade by skilled Italian artisans using Roman marbles or semi-precious stones.

Fountains and Statues

Shelley used to say: “The fountains alone are enough to justify a trip to Rome”. Our sterling silver fountains and statues are small masterpieces of craftsmanship and sculpture.

Customized Jewels

We offer you the opportunity to create your own unique, personalized jewel, choosing with us the coin/stone and the mount's materials, which you will see step by step become "your" jewel according to the canons of the finest Italian jewelry.

Craftsmanship since 1910

Serra Roma Jewelry Store

The Serra Roma Jewelry Store, in Rome since the first decade of 1900 and located at number 57 of the “magical” Via Margutta, offers with its jewels an exciting and original combination of tradition and innovation, classicism and design.

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