Vintage egg (1980s) VA, in hand-painted porcelain, finished in pure gold, by the famous Hungarian manufacture "Herend"

• Handpainted • Herend porcelain • Height : 7 cm (2.7 Inches) • Length : 12 cm (4.7 Inches)

This splendid porcelain egg, entirely hand-painted, is a creation of the famous Hungarian house "Herend," one of the oldest and most celebrated European manufacturers. The VA decoration on this egg received the first prize at the London Universal Exhibition in 1851. It was named after Queen Victoria of England, who ordered a complete table service for herself. This service is still used by the English royal family today. Each decorative motif, including leaves, flowers, and ornaments, is freehanded by one of Herend's approximately 800 painters. Their extraordinary skill transforms these porcelain objects into unique masterpieces, pure poetry for lovers of beauty.

The egg is an important symbol, widely revered in ancient times. It signifies rebirth and is a wish for prosperity, fertility, and abundance, while also embodying cosmic symbolism. Having no edges, it is considered without beginning or end, a characteristic that makes it a symbol of divine perfection. "Omne vivum ex ovo" — all life comes from an egg. Mammals develop from a fertilized egg, and the placenta in the womb takes the shape of an egg. Fish, birds, reptiles, and amphibians hatch from eggs, and even plants sprout from seeds, which are also ovoid. This explains the profound importance attributed to this "container of life" throughout the ages.