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Our family's deep connection to Roman civilization and its artistic heritage is reflected in our unique "Archeological Collection." Each piece is crafted around authentic, historical Roman artifacts, blending the modern element with the ancient to create a harmonious balance that enhances their beauty and significance. Discover a piece that resonates with your style and personality, and become a part of Rome's enduring legacy.

Our Collections

Roman and Greek Pendants

The practice of setting coins to create jewelry dates back to the Greek world and became widespread in Rome from the first to third centuries AD. The Romans believed in the talismanic powers of jewels and valued coins as amulets, giving them a higher worth and utility. At our brand, we continue this ancient tradition by creating unique pieces of jewelry that honor Rome's rich history and serve as symbols of personal significance for those who wear them.

Intaglio Rings

Glyptics, the art of engraving precious, semi-precious stones, and glass pastes, was highly valued in Roman times and used extensively in jewelry such as rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings for both men and women. Skilled engravers worked on Roman intaglios, choosing almost always from mythological or allegorical themes. This "minute but not lesser" art was highly prized by the Romans and continues to be celebrated in our brand's exquisite collection of jewelry that pays homage to this ancient tradition.


Serra rings have an authentic Roman coin set in 18kt yellow gold or sterling silver, making for a unique piece of jewelry that combines historical and modern elements.


Bracelets have been worn by people for thousands of years, dating back to prehistoric times. They were often worn for both protective and decorative purposes. In some cultures, bracelets were believed to have protective powers, while in others they were worn as a symbol of wealth or status.

Cufflinks and earrings

Our earrings and cufflinks feature coins depicting various members of ancient royalty, including Emperors and Empresses, brothers, and other family members.

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