Authentic Ancient Roman Turquoise Intaglio 1st Cent. AD and two rubies 18 Kt Gold Ring depicting Goddess Fortuna

• Authentic Ancient Intaglio 1st cent AD • Gemstone: Turquoise • Size: 8 US Adjustable • Band material: Gold 18KT • Handmade 100% Made in Italy

This 18 kt gold ring features a 1st-century AD Roman turquoise with an engraved depiction of the goddess Fortuna. She holds a cornucopia and a rudder, her classic symbols. Two rubies adorn the side of the intaglio. Turquoise was highly valued by the Egyptians, Persians, Greeks, and Romans. It symbolized joy, delight, and heaven. The Romans associated turquoise with Venus, wearing it on Fridays, the goddess's sacred day. Turquoise represented loyalty, friendship, and luck.

Fortuna, the goddess of fate and luck, was often depicted alongside Abundantia, the goddess of prosperity. She was revered by farmers for bountiful harvests and the fertility of land and mothers. Fortuna was also considered an oracle who could predict the future. According to some accounts, Fortuna was the firstborn of the god Jupiter. Fortuna was associated with agriculture, and many farmers worshipped her to receive her favor. These traits also extended to childbearing; Fortuna influenced the fertility of mothers and the birth of babies.

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