Sterling silver replica (on a handmade Roman travertine base) of Bernini's Fountain of Castel Gandolfo


This fountain in sterling silver is the replica of the fountain in the square of Castel Gandolfo, made by Bernini. Renaissance master Gian Lorenzo Bernini’s fountains earned Rome the title of ‘open air museum’ and all his works, ranging from the Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi in Piazza Navona to the Fontana del Tritone and Fontana delle Api in Piazza Barberini are truly masterpieces. Fontana delle Api, whose construction was commissioned by Pope Urban VIII, was mainly created to regulate the water flow of the Fontana del Tritone. What’s striking is how this fountain, although built out of necessity, maintains a harmonic and consistent layout of the square and the main fountain, thereby showcasing the brilliance of Bernini.