Sterling silver Replica of "Cortile del Belvedere" Fountain , Vatican, Rome

• Handmade 100% • Made in Rome, Italy • Material : Sterling Silver • Sculpture Lost Wax Casting • Height : 11 cm (4.3 Inches) • Length : 6.5 cm (2.5 Inches)

This is the sterling silver replica of the Fountain located in the "Belvedere courtyard", a vast building complex located north of the Basilica of St. Peter in the Vatican and the Apostolic palaces in Rome. The Cortile del Belvedere (Belvedere Courtyard or Belvedere Court) was a major architectural work of the High Renaissance at the Vatican Palace in Rome. Designed by Donato Bramante from 1505 onward, its concept and details reverberated in courtyard design, formalized piazzas and garden plans throughout Western Europe for centuries. Conceived as a single enclosed space, the long Belvedere court connected the Vatican Palace with the Villa Belvedere in a series of terraces connected by stairs, and was contained on its sides by narrow wings. Bramante did not see the work completed, and before the end of the sixteenth century it had been irretrievably altered by a building across the court, dividing it into two separate courtyards.