Authentic Roman coin Silver Bracelet depicting "Dextrarum Iunctio"

• Handmade 100% Made in Italy • Authentic Roman Coin 1st Cent. BC • Band material: Sterling Silver 925

In this bracelet, in sterling silver, an authentic Roman coin from the 1st century BC has been set, which depicts the "dextrarum iunctio", or two right hands shaking: in ancient Rome, in addition to being the typical gesture of the two spouses after marriage, this gesture meant harmony, affinity, friendship and loyalty. On the other side of the coin we can see the depiction of the Pietas. The depiction of the dextrarum iunctio was highly popular in Roman art. In the Roman world, the right hand was sacred to Fides, the deity of fidelity. The clasping of the right hand was a solemn gesture of mutual fidelity and loyalty at the conclusion of an agreementor contract, the taking of an oath of allegiance, or reception in the mysteries, whose initiates were referred to as syndexioi (“joined by theright hand”). On a second-century coin Antoninus Pius (ad 86–161) and Faustina are shown clasping each other’s right hand in the dextrarum iunctio.