5 EMPRESSES Authentic Ancient Roman coins 2nd-3rd Cent. AD Silver Bracelet

• Handmade 100% Made in Italy • 5 Authentic Roman Coins (2nd-3rd Cent. AD) • Band material: Sterling Silver 925

This exceptional sterling silver bracelet showcases the exquisite beauty of ancient Roman coins. Set with five genuine denarii, dating back to the 2nd and 3rd century AD, each coin portrays a Roman empress (with the exception of the last coin, which depicts Julia Mamea, the mother of Emperor Alexander Severus, rather than his wife). The coins featured in this bracelet are:

  1. Sabina, the wife of Emperor Hadrian.
  2. Faustina Senior, the wife of Emperor Antoninus Pius.
  3. Faustina Junior, the wife of Emperor Marcus Aurelius.
  4. Julia Domna, the wife of Emperor Septimius Severus.
  5. Julia Mamaea, the mother of Emperor Alexander Severus.

On the reverse side of these remarkable coins, additional symbols come to life:

  1. Behind Sabina, the image of Concordia, representing harmony and unity.
  2. Behind Faustina Senior, the goddess Ceres, symbolizing abundance and fertility.
  3. Behind Faustina Junior, the phrase "Saeculi felicit" meaning "happy century," signifying a wish for prosperity and joy.
  4. Behind Julia Mamaea, the figure of Fecunditas, representing fertility and abundance.

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