3 Authentic Ancient Roman Coins and 2 Imperial Marbles Silver Bracelet

• Handmade 100% Made in Italy • 3 Authentic Roman Coins (2nd Cent. AD) and two Roman marble • Band material: Sterling Silver 925

In this sterling silver bracelet, 3 authentic Roman silver coins have been mounted depicting the Emperor Trajan, the Emperor Hadrian and the Emperor Antoninus Pius. The two marbles found among the coins are the Red Porphyry (coming from Egyptian quarries) and the Green Porphyry from Greece, called "serpentine marble" by the Romans. These marbles, whose quarries have now been exhausted for many centuries, were used in the imperial era to embellish and adorn the villas of the Roman emperors; these were extremely expensive marbles, and are already described as "rare" in the Price Edict (also known as Diocletian's Edict; in Latin "Edictum De Pretiis Rerum Venalium") issued in 301 by the Roman Emperor Diocletian.
In fact, it was in Imperial Rome that the taste for white and colored marble from quarries scattered throughout the known world developed with considerable profusion. Very colorful marbles were used to decorate large public buildings, palaces, luxurious imperial villas, city and country residences of the great senatorial families.
A bracelet that fully describes the history of imperial Rome!