South Sea Pearls Necklace


This necklace showcases the exquisite beauty of South Sea pearls. Known for their large, round shape, radiant white color, and unique opalescence, these pearls, also referred to as "Australian pearls," are among the rarest and largest pearls in existence. They are sourced from the Pinctada Maxima, the world's largest pearl oysters.

Enhancing the allure of this necklace is the option to attach one of our archaeological pendants featuring an authentic Roman coin. The pendant can be easily connected using a removable hook, adding a touch of historical significance to the jewelry.

During the 1800s, the discovery of a highly abundant bed of mollusks propelled the popularity of these "pearl queens" in Europe, making the Victorian era a period of widespread fascination with these natural pearls.

In the early 1950s, the cultivation of South Sea pearls began to mitigate their rarity in the wild. These pearls were cultivated in remote and unpolluted areas, minimizing the high mortality rate, which could reach up to 80% of the mollusk population. The Pinctada Maxima mollusks, incredibly large in size with a diameter of up to 30 cm and weighing around 5.5 kg, have the remarkable ability to produce pearls superior to other cultivated varieties. These pearls range from 8 mm to an astonishing diameter of 20 mm for perfectly spherical specimens.

Over time, these pearl cultivation efforts expanded throughout Southeast Asia, including Burma, Malaysia, Indonesia, the northwestern coasts of Australia, the Philippines, and Polynesia. It is in these regions that the famous and highly sought-after black pearls of Tahiti were born, thanks to a particular type of plankton that serves as nourishment for the oysters.

Experience the unmatched elegance of South Sea pearls, a testament to nature's beauty and the legacy of fine craftsmanship.