Roman Mascaron Fountain sterling silver replica ( Aventine hill, Santa Sabina church,Rome )

• Handmade 100% • Made in Rome, Italy • Material : Sterling Silver • Sculpture Lost Wax Casting • Height : 13 cm (5.11 Inches) • Length : 14,5 cm (5.70 Inches)

This fountain in sterling silver was handmade by our artisans. ( Weight : 905 gr ) The fountain of the Mascherone di Santa Sabina is located in Piazza Pietro d'Illiria, in the part of the Rione Ripa that rises on the Aventine hill. This fountain dates back to 1936 when, in the arrangement of the square overlooked by the entrance of Santa Sabina as well as that of the Orange Garden, the architect Antonio Muñoz decided to create a valuable fountain and an access portal to the Savello Park, to embellish further the square, assembling pieces of antiquity that were in the municipal warehouses. The mask of the fountain is in fact a work of the stonemason Bartolomeo Bassi, who made it in 1593 based on designs by Giacomo della Porta, and was placed in the Campo Vaccino, right above the granite thermal basin on which it is currently located, where it was watering place for the herds that grazed there. At the beginning of the 19th century, Pope Pius VII Chiaramonti (1800-1823) had the granite basin transferred to Montecavallo, as a fountain under the statues of the Dioscuri. The mask, therefore, was transferred to Porto Leonino, where it was placed in the fountain of the Lancisiana Water, remaining there until 1897, when the structure was dismantled for the opening of Lungoteveri In 1936, therefore, Muñoz reassembled the two artifacts into a single structure which was placed in a niche along the walls of the Orange Garden.