Roman Marble "Red Porphyry" Sterling Silver Pendant

• Handmade 100% Made in Italy • Genuine Roman "Red Porphyry" Marble • Bezel material: Sterling Silver 925

In this 925 silver pendant, a fragment of an ancient and now unattainable Roman marble takes center stage—the illustrious red porphyry. This dark red marble, adorned with white or pink inclusions, originated from quarries in Egypt and traces its usage back to the Ptolemaic era. With the reign of Trajan in Rome, the extraction and utilization of porphyry became a customary practice. Sculptures, statues, sarcophagi, and intricately designed floor inlays were among its varied applications, to the extent that Diocletian exclusively adorned his palaces with this exquisite material.

Imperial Red Porphyry, a rare and valuable stone with historical significance, was first discovered in Egypt in 18 CE by the Roman legionnaire Caius Cominius Leugas. The exclusive source of Imperial Red Porphyry was the quarry of Mons Porpyritis in Egypt, and its transportation to Rome involved a journey along The Porphyry Road to the Nile River, followed by shipment. The Romans held this stone in high regard for its application in carvings, statues, and inlaid panels within iconic structures like the Pantheon. A symbol of great wealth and power, the possession of Imperial Porphyry and the ability to construct with it were reserved for the Emperor. However, by the end of the third century, the availability of precious marbles, including red porphyry, dwindled, leading to exorbitant costs and eventual depletion of the quarries.