Authentic Roman Jasper Intaglio 20Kt Gold Ring depicting Athena giving a winged Nike to the Emperor

• Handmade 100% Made in Italy • Authentic Intaglio 1st cent AD • Gemstone: Jasper • Size: 6 3/4 US Adjustable • Band material Gold 20KT • Order Processing Time: 1 Business Day • Worldwide Delivery Time: 1-5 Business Days

This 20kt gold ring features an authentic Roman intaglio crafted on jasper, portraying Goddess Athena presenting a winged Nike to the Emperor. Athena, also known as Pallas, an ancient Greek deity associated with wisdom, craftsmanship, and warfare, became intertwined with the Roman goddess Minerva. Revered as the patroness of various Greek cities, particularly Athens, her likely namesake, Athena is typically depicted wearing a helmet and wielding a spear. Owls, olive trees, snakes, and the Gorgoneion stand as her prominent symbols.

Glyptic, an art form centered on engraving gems, hard stones, and even vitreous pastes, was extensively practiced during Roman times. These engravings adorned rings—worn by both men and women—necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. The renowned gold ring of Augustus, featuring a Capricorn engraved on black onyx, symbolizing imperial power, remains a notable example.

These rings, often doubling as seals, were used to stamp molten wax for document closures. Skilled artisans meticulously crafted the engraved stones, either at the request of clients or through the artists' creativity. The subjects predominantly revolved around mythological or allegorical themes. Interestingly, there exists a thriving market for these ancient stones, many of which have been unearthed over time. Often discarded by those seeking only gold and silver, these treasures were rediscovered, having been discarded during periods of invasion, including by Barbarians.

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