Authentic Roman Intaglio 2nd cent. AD depicting the Moon and Seven Stars 18 Kt Gold Ring

• Handmade 100% Made in Italy • Authentic Intaglio 2nd cent AD • Gemstone: Carnelian • Size: 7 US Adjustable • Band material: 18 kt Gold • Order Processing Time: 1 Business Day • Worldwide Delivery Time: 1-5 Business Days

In this 18 Kt Gold ring a Roman carnelian intaglio depicting a crescent moon and 7 stars is set. Size 7.
The Romans were convinced that the Sun and the Moon, like all the other stars and planets (seven were known at the time, while the other two, Neptune and Pluto, the farthest were discovered later) through their movement influenced life, death. , on the fate and fortunes of mankind.
In astronomy, the septem Triones (seven oxen) are identified in the seven brightest stars in the constellation of Ursa Major. The belief is certainly ancient because this constellation is among the first to be identified by the curiosity of man. In 76 BC the monetary magistrate of the year, L. Lucretius Trio had silver coins minted with the crescent moon and seven stars.
The same image was often engraved on objects or precious stones for jewelry.
The cultural historical significance of the planets in late antiquity does not end in the astronomical field or in the process of their identification with Olympic deities. In this period the role of the Planets is presented as an essential Fluidum of astrology. Planets were attributed not only functions in the sphere of astral meteorology, geography and ethnography but, in erudite astrology and above all in that determined by the Zodiac and the Planets, a decisive influence on individual men. This influence began with the differentiated horoscopy of birth.
The possibility of influencing animate and inanimate nature was therefore also attributed to the planets. In fact, their effects extended to metals, stones, plants, the animal world, but also - for example - to the alphabet. Thus forces were seen in the Planets that could have an effect on all nature, from the macrocosm to the microcosm, and also on all aspects of life.

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