Authentic Ancient Roman Coin 1st cent. AD Silver Ring depicting a hand holding a scale and the word "Claudius"

• Authentic Ancient Roman Bronze Coin 1st cent.AD • Ring material: 925 Sterling Silver

Encased within this 1st-century AD ring is a Roman coin portraying a hand holding a scale and the name "Claudius." Claudius, Roman emperor from AD 41 to 54, hailed from Lugdunum in Roman Gaul, the first emperor born outside Italy. Despite familial ostracism due to physical ailments, his limp and deafness likely saved him from the purges of earlier rulers, leading to his unexpected rise to power after Caligula's assassination. Despite initial doubts, Claudius proved adept, reviving administration, restoring finances, and initiating expansive projects, including Britain's conquest.

Though his reign was marred by constant challenges and accusations—including his alleged murder by his wife, Agrippina the Younger—modern scholars reconsider his legacy. Claudius's 13-year rule surpassed successors until Domitian, leaving an enduring impact through administrative reforms and ambitious undertakings that shaped Rome's course during a crucial period.

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