GODDESS FORTUNA Authentic Ancient Roman Carnelian Intaglio 1st Cent. AD 18 kt Gold Ring

• Authentic Ancient Roman Intaglio 1st Cent AD • Gemstone: Carnelian • 7 1/4 US Adjustable • Band material: Gold 18 Kt • Handmade 100% Made in Italy • Worldwide Delivery Time: 1-5 Business Days * Free Express and Insured Worldwide Shipping

An authentic Roman carnelian from the 1st century AD has been set in this 18 kt gold ring which depicts the goddess Fortuna with her most classic attributes: rudder, cornucopia, ear of corn and poppies; she wears the modius (a typical headdress of the Goddess).

Fortuna was a major deity among the ancient Romans, holding charge of the fates of all humans in her early career as a goddess. With this kind of mindset, it’s understandable why Fortuna was afforded the most luxurious kind of worship. Extravagant altars, celebrations, and placations flowed from the community to Fortuna – all in hopes to gain good fortune.

The cornucopia serves as a goddess symbol to Fortuna because it’s all about value, abundance, and infinite supply, and it represents lush bounty. The flower (poppies, on this carnelian intaglio) meanings, when connected with goddess symbols, almost always indicate fertility, elegance, and beauty. Interestingly, flowers are some of the most delicate things on this planet – but they are also the strongest. Fortuna is strong, and endures great challenges.

Fortuna has often a rudder in the hand, a sign that she ‘steers’ events, while implying the perils of sea travel. In the Flavian period, she is often pictured with a globe, on which her rudder rests, symbolizing Rome’s victory and stability, thanks to Fortuna’s positive disposition towards the imperial project. Globes, however, can roll and rotate, they are inherently precarious. They symbolize time and can also point to the fixity of the human lifespan and perhaps an empire’s too.

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