ROMAN ARROWHEAD 2-6th century BC mounted in 18 kt gold, olive-green patina

• Genuine Ancient Roman Bronze Arrow 2nd-6th cent. BC • Bezel material: 100% 18kt Gold • Handmade 100% Made in Italy • Worldwide Delivery Time: 1-5 Business Days * Free Express and Insured Worldwide Shipping

This small bronze arrowhead, exhibiting an olive-green patina, resembles examples from the Villa Julia Collection. It is mounted in 18-karat gold, showcasing an exclusive design by the Serra store. The most common form of Roman arrowhead was trilobate, known for its aerodynamic and accurate shape. The Romans relied on mercenary auxiliary archer troops to support their powerful legions. During the Republican period, slingers were often employed alongside bowmen. The design of Roman Republican arrowheads varied widely, influenced by the origins of the auxiliary troops that produced them. Flat sides and triangular sockets characterize italic trilobate arrowheads.

Caesar used archers against Pompey during the great imperatorial struggles in Spain. By the early 1st century A.D., auxiliary units of foot and horse archers were commonly employed. Germanicus utilized Gallic and German bowmen in his victories in 14 A.D., while Septimius Severus deployed mounted archers from Osrhoene in Mesopotamia.

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