Portoro marble paperweight with sterling silver plaque depicting the Emperor Augustus on the chariot of winged Victory

• Handmade 100% • Made in Rome, Italy • Material : Sterling Silver, Portoro marble • Width : 15 cm (5.9 Inches) • Length : 9,5 cm (3.7 Inches)

This Portoro marble paperweight has a plaque in the center, made by making the cast of an ancient Roman carving, where you can see the Emperor, probably Augustus, being transported by a winged Victory on his chariot, pulled by 4 horses. In the early Republican age the Triumph's chariot was pulled by a pair of horses, which later became 4 and after Augustus also 6 ... also following a victory achieved by a general, the Triumph was always paid to the Emperor. In classical iconography, the winged Victory is with him on the chariot and surrounds his head with a laurel wreath, while she holds the scepter in her hand.