Pair of spoons in ancient Sciacca coral and sterling silver, for sugar and parmesan powder.


This pair of 925 silver spoons and ancient Sciacca coral was designed by me and made by my craftsmen in the shop in via Margutta 57, very close to the Spanish Steps. The spoons are specially made to be used for sugar (the one with the linear final ) and the Parmesan cheese (the one with the final conch shell). They give the table a great elegance and luxury! The Mediterranean coral is of the Corallium Rubrum species and grows from 50 to 200 meters deep Each coral branch is the limestone skeleton of colonies of very small white octopuses that live and reproduce asexually, belonging to the group of coelenterates and who prefer natural habitats at temperatures between 18 and 20 degrees. Sciacca coral has unique characteristics that distinguish it from all other corals: its color varies from intense orange to salmon-pale pink characterized by brownish and sometimes black spots to testify and certify its volcanic origin, up to browned of fossilized coral "burned" by the very high temperatures reached. All our items are equipped with a guarantee certificate which certifies their authenticity and origin! Invia commenti Cronologia Salvate Community