EMPEROR NERO Genuine Ancient Roman Bronze Coin 1st cent. AD Silver Pendant

• Handmade 100% Made in Italy • Genuine Roman Bronze Coin 1st cent. AD • Bezel material: Sterling Silver 925

This sterling silver pendant, measuring 3.5 cm in diameter, houses an authentic Roman coin from the 1st century AD, featuring the likeness of Emperor Nero. On the reverse side of the coin, we encounter the seated figure of "Securitas," accompanied by an altar at his feet. Securitas was a prominent Roman goddess symbolizing security, particularly that of the Roman Empire. Depicted on coins during tumultuous periods of the Emperor's reign, Securitas served as a propaganda tool to convey stability and assurance to the populace.

Nero, whose reign spanned from 54 to 68 AD, marked the final ruler of the Julio-Claudian dynasty. Born as Lucius Domitius Ahenobarbus, Nero was the son of Gnaeus Domitius Ahenobarbus and Agrippina the Younger, sister of Emperor Caligula. Nero's ascension to the throne followed the death of Emperor Claudius in 54 AD. Initially guided by his mother Agrippina, his tutor Seneca, and Praetorian prefect Sextus Afranius Burrus, Nero's rule soon became synonymous with tyranny and extravagance.

Historical accounts by Roman sources such as Suetonius, Cassius Dio, and Tacitus overwhelmingly condemn Nero's reign, depicting him as compulsive and corrupt. Tales of Nero's purported involvement in instigating the Great Fire of Rome to make way for his grandiose Domus Aurea palace complex, as well as his persecution of Christians, paint a grim picture of his rule. However, modern historians question the reliability of these ancient sources, urging a reevaluation of Nero's supposed tyrannical acts.

Through this pendant, we are transported back to the turbulent era of ancient Rome, where the complexities of power, propaganda, and perception intertwine, leaving us to ponder the true nature of Emperor Nero's legacy.

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