GOD APOLLO Authentic Ancient Greek coin 4th Cent. BC Silver Ring

• Handmade 100% Made in Italy • Authentic Greek Silver Coin 5th cent. BC • Size: 7 US Adjustable • Band material: Sterling Silver

This sterling silver ring features an exquisite relic—a genuine silver coin hailing from Apollonia Pontica in Thrace, estimated to originate between 450 and 400 BC. Imprinted upon this historic coin is a striking depiction of the revered deity Apollo. Intriguing symbols adorn the reverse side, including an anchor, the letter A, and a diminutive shrimp, adding layers of mystery to its ancient allure.

Apollo, a multifaceted figure within the pantheon of Greek and Roman mythology, embodies a plethora of roles and attributes. Revered as the god of archery, music, and dance, Apollo's domain extends to truth and prophecy, healing and afflictions, the radiant Sun, illuminating light, and the realm of poetry. This divine figure encapsulates a tapestry of significance, weaving through the very fabric of ancient belief and culture.

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