Authentic Glass intaglio Grand Tour Era Silver ring depicting Dionysian scene with Silenus and Erote

• Handmade 100% Made in Italy • Authentic Glass Paste 19th Cent. Grand Tour Era • Size: 7,5 US • Band material: Sterling silver 925

Introducing an exquisite piece crafted by a skilled Italian goldsmith, this handcrafted sterling silver ring showcases a captivating Dionysian scene encased in a delicate glass paste.

The scene portrays a magnificent Silenus seated upon a beautifully adorned wreathed chariot, effortlessly propelled by an erote. Leading the way is another enchanting winged erote. The background is adorned with lush vegetation, adding depth and allure to the design. Reflecting the opulent spirit of the Grand Tour era in the 19th century, this ring features a stone size of 13 x 16 mm.

Drawing inspiration from Greek mythology, Silenus emerges as the central figure, known for his role as a trusted companion and tutor to the revered wine god, Dionysus. Standing apart from the youthful satyrs in Dionysus' retinue (thiasos), Silenus embodies wisdom and experience. Associated with musical creativity, prophetic ecstasy, and the ecstatic joy of revelry, Silenus embodies the spirit of drunken dances and festive celebrations.