Authentic Ancient Roman Intaglio 1st-2nd century AD on Jasper 18 Kt Gold ring depicting a Knight on a galloping Horse

• Handmade 100% Made in Italy • Authentic Intaglio 1st-2nd cent AD • Gemstone: Jasper • Size: 6 3/4 US Adjustable • Band material Gold 20KT • Order Processing Time: 1 Business Day • Worldwide Delivery Time: 1-5 Business Days

This exquisite 18 kt gold ring is meticulously handcrafted by our skilled goldsmiths, featuring a genuine Roman jasper that showcases a captivating scene of a knight riding a galloping horse.

In ancient times, horses held a significant place in mythology and were deeply intertwined with the origins of the world. In ancient Rome, the horse symbolized the continuity of life, representing concepts such as rebirth, fertility, and strength. Horses were not only valued as faithful companions in everyday life but also played a crucial role in the military sector.

During the Roman Empire, the construction of well-maintained roads and rest stops allowed for efficient travel. While most Romans traveled on foot, horses were utilized by the affluent, merchants, governmental entities, and the military for transportation purposes. Wealthy families often embarked on journeys, frequently having country retreats. Rest stops along the way provided travelers with an opportunity to rest and exchange tired horses for fresh ones.

Given the prominent role horses held in society, it is no surprise that they were frequently depicted on various Roman artifacts. The horse motif can be observed on public art, household items, coins, tableware, tombstones, and even jewelry. Its presence across a wide range of objects reflects the deep appreciation and admiration Romans had for these majestic creatures.

Our jewelry store, Serra Roma, proudly presents an exquisite collection that beautifully honors the ancient traditions of Greek and Roman civilizations. Each piece in our collection, including authentic ancient Roman and Greek coins and intaglios, is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, providing proof of its historical significance and origin.