SPHINX Genuine Ancient Roman intaglio 1st-2nd Cent. AD on Onyx 18 Kt Gold ring

• Authentic Ancient Intaglio 1st-2nd cent AD • Gemstone: Onyx • Ring material: 100% Gold 18KT • Size: 7 3/4 US Adjustable • Handmade : 100% Made in Italy • Worldwide Delivery Time: 1-5 Business Days * Free Express and Insured Worldwide Shipping

Crafted by our skilled goldsmiths, this 18 Kt gold ring features an authentic Roman onyx from the 1st-2nd century AD, adorned with a captivating depiction of a Sphinx. Positioned amidst realms of both humanity and fantastical creatures, the enigmatic Sphinx holds a significant place in history. Augustus himself, bearing the sphinx on his seal, elevated it as a symbol of authority and state power. Throughout the imperial court and beyond, it became a hallmark of wealth and social status.

The Sphinx stands as one of the most enduring symbols of ancient Egypt, alongside the obelisk and the pyramid. This fabulous creature, portrayed in various forms throughout history, captures the imagination with its amalgamation of womanly, leonine, and draconic features. Scholars like Pliny and Albertus Magnus once debated its existence earnestly.

From the verses of Archilochus and Sappho to the prose of Cicero and Virgil, the Sphinx has remained a perennial muse for its enigmatic allure and the tantalizing promise of hidden truths.

Imagery of the Sphinx, like the lion sculpted near the pyramid of Cheops, embodies not fear, but a stoic defense against the relentless onslaught of the desert sands. Its visage, draped in striped cloth for protection, signifies not weakness but a potent blend of vigilance, wisdom, and vitality. This solemn presence, echoed in Christian architecture, endures as a timeless symbol of resilience and guardianship, adorning the gates of time with an aura of quiet majesty.

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