Genuine Ancient Roman 24 Kt Gold Coin - 4th Century AD -18 Kt Gold Pendant depicting Emperor Constantius II

• Handmade 100% Made in Italy • Authentic Byzantine 24 Kt Gold Coin 4th cent. AD • Bezel material: 18 Kt gold

This pendant features an authentic 24 Kt Roman coin dating back to the Byzantine period, showcasing Emperor Constantius II, the son of Constantine the Great. The coin is elegantly set in an 18 Kt Gold pendant. On its reverse side, you'll find the inscription 'VICTORIA AVGVSTORVM.' The imagery depicts Victory seated to the right, aided by Cupid in supporting an inscribed crown.

Constantius II, born on August 7, 317, and passing on November 3, 361, held the title of Roman emperor from 337 to 361. His reign was marked by unceasing conflicts along the borders with the Sasanian Empire and Germanic tribes. Internally, the Roman Empire grappled with a series of civil wars, court intrigues, and usurpations. His approach to religion heightened domestic disputes that persisted even after his demise.

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