Genuine Ancient Roman coin 2nd century BC Silver Pendant depicting a cornucopia; Goddess Rome in the back

• Genuine Roman Silver Coin 2nd cent. BC • Bezel material: Sterling Silver 925 • Handmade 100% Made in Italy

This sterling silver pendant showcases an authentic Roman Republican denarius dating back to the 2nd century BC. This ancient coin features a depiction of a cornucopia on one side and the helmeted head of the Goddess Roma on the other.

The cornucopia, often depicted as a horn overflowing with an abundance of fruit and flowers, frequently appears in paintings as a symbol of Abundance. It's also a traditional attribute of the goddess Fortuna. This symbol carries various connotations, including its phallic symbolism, which signifies power, strength, and abundance.

The term "Cornucopia," derived from Latin, literally means the "horn of plenty." This symbol has held a positive and auspicious meaning for centuries. The deep grooves of the horn, filled with various goods, represent wealth and fertility, with its origins rooted in Greek mythology.

According to an ancient legend, Zeus escaped his father Cronus, who had devoured his other offspring, thanks to the goat Amalthea, a natural divinity. Amalthea took Zeus to a cave in Crete and nourished him with her own milk, ensuring his health and strength. One day, while playing with Amalthea, Zeus broke one of her horns as he clung to it tightly. Later in life, Zeus, now strong and vigorous, set out to conquer the throne of Olympus, defeating his father and reclaiming his position. Yet, he never forgot the goat that had nurtured him.

In gratitude, Zeus took the broken horn, which was hollow inside, and filled it with flowers and fruit. From this miraculous horn, anything its owner desired would emerge. Consequently, the Cornucopia is widely regarded as a symbol of one's most profound wishes: the ability to attain one's deepest desires.

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