EMPEROR TRAJAN Genuine Ancient Roman coin 2nd cent. AD Pendant adorned with 8 Black Diamonds 0,30 KT

• Genuine Ancient Roman Silver Coin 2nd cent. AD • Bezel material: 100% Sterling Silver 925 and 8 Black Diamonds 0,30 KT • Handmade 100% Made in Italy • Worldwide Delivery Time: 1-5 Business Days * Free Express and Insured Worldwide Shipping

This exquisite silver pendant showcases a genuine Roman silver denarius coin dating back to the 2nd century AD, depicting Emperor Trajan on its front and God Mars on the reverse. Accentuating its allure, the pendant is embellished with 8 black diamonds 0,30 KT. Mars was the god of war and also an agricultural guardian, a combination characteristic of early Rome. He was the son of Jupiter and Juno, and he was the most prominent of the military gods in the religion of the Roman army.

Trajan, who ruled from 98 to 117 AD, was acclaimed as the "optimus princeps" or "best ruler" by the Senate. Renowned for his military conquests, Trajan oversaw the largest expansion of the Roman Empire, reaching its peak territorial extent during his reign. Beyond his military achievements, Trajan's governance was marked by philanthropy, as he initiated extensive public works and social welfare programs.

His reign, often considered a golden age, ushered in an era of peace and prosperity in the Mediterranean world. Every piece of our jewelry, including this pendant, comes with a certificate of authenticity verifying its Greek or Roman origin. Embrace history and elegance with our collection of meticulously curated jewels, each one a tangible link to the grandeur of antiquity.

Our jewelry store, Serra Roma, proudly presents an exquisite collection that beautifully honors the ancient traditions of Greek and Roman civilizations. Each piece in our collection, including authentic ancient Roman and Greek coins and intaglios, is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, providing proof of its historical significance and origin.