EMPEROR JUSTINIAN I Genuine Byzantine 24Kt Gold Coin 6th Cent. AD 18kt Pendant

• Handmade 100% Made in Italy • Genuine Byzantine Gold Coin 6th cent. AD • Bezel material: 18kt Gold

This exquisite 18Kt Gold pendant houses a 24Kt Gold Byzantine coin (Tremissis) 6th Cent AD depicting the Emperor Justinian I. On the rear, we can see the Victory holding globus and wreath; star to right.

In the heart of Byzantium, Justinian I ascended the throne in 527 AD, determined to restore the grandeur of the Roman Empire. With the support of his astute wife, Empress Theodora, Justinian embarked on an ambitious project to codify Roman law. This resulted in the Corpus Juris Civilis, which became a cornerstone of legal systems for centuries. His vision extended beyond law to reclaiming lost territories. Under the leadership of his general, Belisarius, Justinian's armies reconquered North Africa, Italy, and parts of Spain, expanding the empire's borders and reviving its ancient glory.

In the later years of his rule, Justinian's relentless pursuits strained the empire's resources, and the devastating bubonic plague further weakened his dominion. Despite these setbacks, his legal reforms and architectural achievements left an indelible mark on history. When Justinian died in 565 AD, he left a complex legacy of triumph and overreach. The city of Constantinople, a testament to his ambition and vision, continued to stand as a beacon of his enduring impact on the Byzantine Empire and beyond.

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