HORSE; TANIT ON REAR Genuine Carthaginian coin 4th century BC Silver Pendant

• Handmade 100% Made in Italy • Genuine Roman Bronze Coin 4th cent. BC • Bezel material: Sterling Silver 925

This pendant features an ancient coin from Carthage, dating back to the 4th century B.C., showcasing a prancing horse on one side and the Goddess Tanit on the other.

In ancient societies, horses held profound symbolic significance, representing themes of myth, origin, and vitality. In Roman culture, the horse symbolized the perpetuation of life, embodying concepts of renewal, fertility, and resilience. Revered as both a faithful companion in daily life and a crucial asset in warfare, the horse featured prominently in Roman art and artifacts, adorning everything from currency to household items, from tombstones to jewelry.

Tanit, also known as Tanith, served as the paramount deity of Carthage, revered as the Great Goddess. She was worshipped as a celestial figure, presiding over the sun, stars, and moon, while also embodying fertility as a Mother Goddess. The palm tree symbolized her as the desert's equivalent of the Tree of Life, and the serpent represented her as the "Serpent Lady," embodying the life force of the Earth. Tanit was often associated with other deities like Ashtart (Astarte) and Athirat, and her symbols included the dove, grapes, pomegranate, crescent moon, and lion.

Carthage, situated as a Phoenician colony in North Africa near modern-day Tunis, Tunisia, derived its name from the Phoenician term Karthadasht, meaning "New Town." Founded around the 9th century BCE, according to Roman legend, by Dido (or Elissa), daughter of the King of Tyre, Carthage worshipped Tanit as its primary deity. Tanit's worship dates back to the 5th century BCE, though it remains uncertain whether she was a local deity adopted by Phoenician settlers or a version of Ashtart/Athirat brought from Phoenicia.

As "the Lady of Carthage," Tanit held a position of utmost reverence in the city's spiritual landscape, embodying its divine protector and nurturing force.

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