Erotic scene key chain that comes from the cast of an ancient Roman intaglio (1st century AD)

• Handmade 100% in Rome, Italy • Material : Sterling silver • Length : 10 cm (3.9 Inches)

This sterling silver keychain was made with a silver cast of an ancient Roman intaglio from the 1st century. A.D., which depicts the beginning of a sexual relationship between a Nymph and a statue of a Satyr. The Satyrs were goliardic and jovial; they could not resist the vision of the Nymphs, that they chased to possess them ... in the collective imagination they became a symbol of lightheartedness and joy. In the Greek conception, the nymphs are beautiful and slender young girls, with graceful movements, with a graceful head adorned with flowers, with light and fluttering dresses. They are benefactors and make nature fruitful.