GOD JUPITER Genuine Ancient Roman Coin 3rd Cent. BC 18 Kt Gold Ring

• Authentic Silver Roman Coin 3rd cent.BC • Size: 7 3/4 US Adjustable • Band material: 18 Kt Gold/ Sterling Silver • Handmade 100% Made in Italy

This stunning ring features a combination of sterling silver and 18 kt gold, showcasing an authentic Roman coin from the third century BC. The coin, known as a victoriatus, depicts the laureate head of Jupiter/Zeus, symbolizing his supreme authority. On the reverse side, we find an image of Victory with a chariot, embodying triumph and success.

Jupiter, widely recognized as the king of the gods, was believed to have originated as an aerial deity. His thunderbolt became his distinctive symbol, representing his power and authority. The majestic eagle, revered as the primary sacred animal associated with Jupiter, held great significance in Roman military culture and was a common symbol of the Roman army. Depictions of Jupiter often featured the eagle grasping a thunderbolt in its claws, a motif frequently found on Greek and Roman coins.

As the god of the sky, Jupiter served as a divine witness to oaths, embodying the sacred trust upon which justice and good governance relied. Many of his responsibilities were centered around the Capitoline Hill, the heart of the Roman citadel. In the Capitoline Triad, he stood as the central guardian of the state alongside Juno and Minerva. The mighty oak tree held deep sacred significance for Jupiter, representing his connection to nature and strength.

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