GODDESS ROME Genuine Ancient Roman Coin 148 BC Silver Pendant

• Genuine Roman Silver Coin 2nd cent. BC • Handmade 100% Made in Italy • Bezel material: Sterling Silver 925 • Double face pendant model

This sterling silver pendant showcases an authentic Roman coin dating back to 148 BC, which was minted by Sempronius Pitius. On one side of the coin, we can observe the Goddess Rome; on the rear we find the Dioscuri, Castor and Pollux, mounted on horseback.

The ancient Romans had a significant deity known as the Goddess Rome, who symbolized the city of Rome and the Roman state. Roman religious and political ideas were often represented through the Goddess Roma in various forms such as coins, sculptures, and drawings in architecture. Although the goddess's representations were influenced by other deities, particularly Athena, she remained a prominent symbol of Rome.

As an archetype, the Goddess Rome embodies the ideal for women to be rational, govern with both the head and heart, and maintain control in challenging situations or emergencies. She encourages women to develop appropriate strategies, act with determination like men, keep events under control, consider the effects, and modify the course of action when necessary.

In Roman art and coins, the Goddess Rome was typically depicted wearing a helmet and other military equipment. Interestingly, the cult of the Goddess Rome was exclusively male, and only men held the priesthood.

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