Genuine Roman silver coin Pendant depicting Juno Sospita "She who protects"


• Genuine Roman Silver Coin 1st cent. BC
• Bezel material: Sterling Silver 925
• Handmade 100% Made in Italy

In this pendant was set an authentic Roman coin depicting Guinone Sospita, who for the Romans was "the one who protects". On the other side of the coin we can see a young woman with a snake erected in front of her (according to the legend in Lanuvio, where Juno Sospita was venerated, in the celebrations for the Goddess a young virgin was sent with food to a cave where a dangerous snake lived: if he accepted the food the girl was a virgin and she was safe!)

In the statues and coins the Goddess (Juno propitious or savior) is represented with goat skin on her head, a spear in her hand and accompanied by a snake. Her goat skin and snake give her a connotation of Goddess Earth.
The main cult center of this divinity was precisely the sanctuary of Lanuvio.
Cicero testifies how Lanuvius was rich in religious buildings, but among these, the temple of Juno Sospita Lanuvina (so-called for the goat skin with which her statue was covered), whose cult dates back to very ancient times, stood out.