Genuine Ancient Roman coin 109 BC silver pendant depicting the god Sun, Helios

• Genuine Roman Silver Coin 2nd cent. BC • Bezel material: Sterling Silver 925 • Handmade 100% Made in Italy

Discover an exquisite sterling silver pendant adorned with an authentic Roman republican coin from 109 BC. Minted by the monetary consul Manlius Aquillius, this remarkable piece features a radiant depiction of the Sun with a captivating radiated crown. On the reverse side of the coin, witness Luca skillfully driving a majestic horse-drawn chariot.

Helios, the god and personification of the Sun in ancient Greek religion and myth, shines through this pendant. Often portrayed with a radiant crown and guiding a celestial chariot, Helios was revered as a guardian of oaths and the patron of sight.

While initially a lesser deity in Classical Greece, Helios gained prominence during late antiquity by being associated with prominent solar divinities such as Apollo and Sol in Roman mythology. The Roman Emperor Julian even placed Helios at the forefront of his short-lived revival of traditional Roman religious practices in the 4th century AD.

Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Greek mythology, poetry, and literature where Helios takes center stage. He is believed to be the son of the Titans Hyperion and Theia, and a beloved sibling to the goddesses Selene (the Moon) and Eos (the dawn). Explore the divine allure of this extraordinary pendant, meticulously crafted to honor Helios, the radiant god of the Sun.

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