Hand-Decorated Authentic Ostrich Egg: Stunning Depiction of Piazza di Spagna, Rome

• Handmade 100% • Material : Ostrich egg, Bronze • Height : 25 cm (9.8 Inches) • Length : 15 cm (5.9 Inches)

This ostrich egg hails from Africa, having been emptied and adorned externally. One side features a depiction of the Spanish Steps, while the other showcases an ancient map of Lazio. Originating in Africa, the ostrich is the largest bird globally, laying the most massive eggs. Symbolizing fertility, the egg's natural symbolism has transitioned into decorative art. Seen in various ancient cultures, decorative eggs serve as a rich artistic expression of meaning.

The tradition of offering decorated eggs dates back to antiquity, notably starting with the Persians. To perpetuate this historical custom with a modern flair and vibrant allure, consider these suggestions: showcase the hand-decorated eggs on supportive displays. This presentation is not only perfect for creating visually pleasing settings but also serves as an exquisite way to adorn tables or enhance the aesthetic appeal of a console, infusing spaces with a touch of tradition and brilliance