18 Kt Gold Ring depicting the "Dextrarum Iunctio", symbol of Love and Friendship

• Handmade 100% Made in Italy • Size: 7 1/4 US Adjustable • Ring material: 18 Kt Gold

This exquisite ring, crafted from 18 kt gold by our skilled goldsmiths, embodies a cherished symbol from ancient Roman culture known as the "dextrarum iunctio." This symbol signifies the joining of two right hands, representing profound bonds of love, friendship, or marriage—creating a powerful connection between two individuals.

In Roman traditions, the gesture of dextrarum iunctio held great significance during marriage ceremonies, symbolizing the historic moment of union between two people. Notably, depictions from that era also reveal the use of this symbol to represent relationships beyond conjugal ones. Some portray the clasping of right hands as a representation of the bond between a father and a son, or between two individuals of the same gender, signifying familial ties or deep friendships.

It is possible that the dextrarum iunctio served as a versatile visual manifestation, symbolizing various forms of close relationships, including familial bonds and friendships. Thus, the beauty of this ring not only captures the essence of love and marriage but also celebrates the broader connections that enrich human lives.

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