Obsidian Cufflinks in Sterling Silver

• Handmade 100% Made in Italy • Materials: Sterling Silver 925; Obsidian

In these 925 silver cufflinks are set two fragments of an ancient stone, the Obsidian. Obsidian owes its current name to Obsius, a Roman man who, as Pliny tells us ( calling it “lapis obsianus” ), discovered it in African territory, in today's Ethiopia. Of black color and generally opaque, it can also assume a silver color (silver obsidian) or, if in the process of rock formation there are gray feldspars, with white-gray spots (obsidian snowflake). On the walls of the domus in Pompeii were found many mirrors, with apotropaic function, made with this precious material (house of Ephebe, Pompeii). The obsidian in antiquity was valuable material also for statues, objects and gems.