God Tiber Sterling with horn of plenty silver replica statue located in the Capitoline hill

• Handmade 100% • Made in Rome, Italy • Material : Sterling Silver • Sculpture Lost Wax Casting • Height : 11 cm (4.33 Inches) • Length : 11 cm (4.33 Inches)

Replica in sterling silver of the statue of the God Tiber which is located against the Palazzo Senatorio , in the "high" heart of Rome, because it is the building that dominates the Capitoline Hill. (Weight : 1.6 Kg ) At the base of the staircase that allows access there is a statue of Minerva sitting (according to others she is the goddess Rome), on its sides two marble sculptures depicting the Tiber River on the left and the Nile on the right. Tiberino is a figure of Roman mythology, he was a divinity of nature, linked to the Tiber river. According to Roman mythology he was the brother of Fonto, god of springs, and son of Janus and Camese, lady of the waters. His annual feast (the Tiberinalia) was celebrated on December 8 , the anniversary of the foundation of the temple of the god on the Tiber Island and was a purification and propitiatory rite. Horace, recalling an overflow of the river after the death of Caesar, calls Tiberino Ilia's husband or Rhea Silvia, whom he allegedly welcomed into his waters, expelled by Amulius. The cult of Tiberino, traditionally founded by Romulus, had considerable importance in the sacral topography of Rome. Sacred was the Tiber island, seat of a sanctuary of the underworld god Veiove and then of the sanctuary of Aesculapius. In book VIII of the Aeneid the god Tiberino, in the form of an old man wrapped in a gray-green veil and crowned with reeds, appears in a dream to Aeneas and suggests that he go up the current of the river to the Palatine, where the Pallanteo di Evandro stands. He is one of the oldest Italic deities.