Genuine Roman coin silver pendant depicting an elephant (CAESAR in ex.)

  • • Handmade 100% Made in Italy • Genuine Roman Silver Coin 1st cent. BC • Bezel material: 18 Kt Gold

An authentic Roman coin from 18 BC has been set in this sterling silver pendant, which depicts an elephant; in the back, we see Honos, with the features of Emperor Augustus. Coin minted by the moneyer Durmius

Durmius’ coinage commemorated Augustus’ status and a variety of Augustus’ achievements: the Parthian campaign, Augustus' honors of 27 BC, various Victories, and 'family types'. With the depiction of elephants and the timing of this issue, there is little doubt that the reverse type, employed on the coinage of the three "tresviri monetales" of this year, refers to the honors paid to Augustus following his triumphant return from the east. Although his achievements were more diplomatic than military, they were considerable. The recovery of the standards lost by Crassus at Carrhae was especially important, and thus the military was accorded much glory in Augustus' victories. The depiction of Honos here is likely a reference to the family of the moneyer, M. Durmius
 Struck 19 BC. Rome mint. M. Durmius, moneyer. Bare head of Honos right / AVGVSTVS CAESAR, Augustus driving slow biga of elephants left, holding palm-branch and scepter.