Green Alpi marble paperweight with sterling silver medallion depicting she-wolf and twins

• Handmade 100% • Made in Rome, Italy • Material : Sterling Silver, Green Alps marble • Height : 5,5 cm (2.1 Inches) • Length : 4 cm (1.5 Inches)

This paperweight in green Alps marble and sterling silver plaque depicting the Capitoline Wolf and the twins Romulus and Remus, was handmade by our craftsmen. The dimensions are 5.5 x 4 x h 2 cm In Roman mythology, Romulus and Remus are twin brothers whose story tells the events that led to the founding of the city of Rome and the Roman Kingdom by Romulus. Since ancient times, the image of the twins being suckled by a she-wolf has been a symbol of the city of Rome and the ancient Romans. Although the tale takes place before the founding of Rome around 750 BC, the earliest known written account of the myth is from the late 3rd century BC.