18 Kt Gold Ring depicting the "Dextrarum Iunctio", symbol of Love and Friendship

  • • Handmade 100% Made in Italy • Size: 7 1/4 US Adjustable • Band material: 18 Kt Gold

This ring, made of 18 kt gold by our goldsmiths, takes up an image very dear to the ancient Romans: the "dextrarum iunctio", which is the union of the two right hands that symbolized love, friendship or marriage: a strong connection between two people.
The dextrarum iunctio gesture, the clasping of right hands, was an integral aspect of the Roman marriage ceremony and represented the historical moment of marriage.
However there are Roman depictions of the dextrarum that show a relationship between a father and a son, or between two males o two females; there are several inscriptions that explicitly state a "familial" relationship rather than a conjugal one. Probably the "dextrarum iunctio" represents a visual manifestation of familial relationships or even those of friendship!