Vintage porcelain egg (1980s) with bunny-shaped handle from the prestigious Herend manufacture, finished in pure gold

• Handpainted • Herend porcelain • Height : 8.5 cm (3.3 Inches) • Length : 12 cm (4.7 Inches)

This splendid porcelain egg, entirely hand painted, is a creation of the famous Hungarian manufacture "Herend", one of the oldest and most celebrated in Europe. Herend porcelains are known in all countries of the world. The continuous successes in world exhibitions have accompanied the bicentennial history of the Fabbrica, thus laying the foundations of its world fame. Each decorative motif such as leaves, flowers or ornaments is made freehand by one of the approximately 800 painters of the manufacture. Their extraordinary skill makes these porcelain objects unique masterpieces and pure poetry for lovers of beauty. The egg is an important symbol, widely used in ancient times. It refers to rebirth, it is a wish for prosperity, fertility and abundance, but it also contains a cosmic symbolism. Having no edges, it is considered without beginning or end, a characteristic that makes it a symbol of divine perfection. "Omne vivum ex ovo": mammals generate from a fertilized egg and the same placenta in the womb takes the shape of an egg. Fish, birds, reptiles and amphibians are born from eggs, even plants sprout from the hatching of seeds, which also have an ovoid shape. This explains, therefore, much of the importance that in past ages was attributed to this "container of life"!