Genuine Ancient Greek silver coin pendant depicting King Antiochus VI

• Handmade 100% Made in Italy • Genuine Greek Silver Coin 2nd cent. BC • Bezel material: Sterling Silver 925

This sterling silver pendant has been set with an authentic silver coin depicting Antiochus VI wearing a" radiata crown". In the other side of the coin we can see the seated god Apollo.
Antiochus VI Epiphanes Dionysus (Αντίοχος ο Επιφανής Διόνυσος; 148 BC - 138 BC) was a ruler of the Seleucid Empire, although he did not have actual power, from 145 to 140 BC.
Son of Alexander I Bala and Cleopatra Tea, he was the maternal grandson of Ptolemy VI of Egypt. In 145 BC Alexander Bala, who was defending his kingdom against the civil war caused by the return of Demetrius II, died: while Demetrius took power in the eastern part of the kingdom, Antiochus was acclaimed ruler of the western part by General Diodotus, taking Antioch of Syria as his own. capital.
The "corona radiata" was used by the Roman emperors, whose shape resembled the sun's rays, as it often appears in the coinage of the period. Augustus was already depicted with this crown in some Camei. We then find it attested with Caligula, Traiano, Marcus Aurelius, and others. It was alternated with the laurel wreath (used mainly in the Republican era).

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