Roman arrowhead mounted in 18 kt gold (2-6th century BC), olive-green patina


Small bronze arrowhead, olive-green patina, similar to examples found in the "Villa Julia Collection", mounted in 18 Kt gold, with an exclusive design of the Serra store. The most common form of Roman arrowhead was trilobate shaped, being more aerodynamic and more accurate. The Romans did use mercenary auxiliary troops of archers to augment their powerful legions. During the Republican period, slingers were often used along with bowmen. Roman Republican arrowheads vary widely depending on the place of origin of the auxiliary troops producing. Italic trilobate arrowheads are flat-sided with triangular sockets. Caesar employed archers against Pompey in the great imperatorial struggles in Spain. By the early 1st century A.D., auxiliary units of entirely foot and horse archers were in widespread use. Germanicus used Gallic and German bowmen in his victories in 14 A.D. Septimius Severus used an auxiliary of mounted archers from Osrhoene in Mesopotamia. All of our jewels are certified by a certificate of authenticity attesting their Greek or Roman origin!