Authentic Ancient Roman Coin 2nd Century BC Bracelet with Hercules Knot depicting Goddess Roma

• Authentic Ancient Roman Coin 2nd Cent. BC • Bracelet material: Sterling Silver 925 • Size Adjustable 18,5 cm-23,5 cm / 7-9 Inch • 100% Made in Italy • Worldwide Delivery Time: 1-5 Business Days * Free Express and Insured Worldwide Shipping

This 925 sterling silver bracelet features an authentic silver coin dating back to the 2nd century BC, adorned with a depiction of the Goddess Roma. The coin also showcases the Dioscuri on its reverse side, while intricate "Hercules knots" embellish its edges.

In ancient Roman belief systems, Goddess Roma symbolized the city of Rome and the broader Roman state, embodying both beauty and strength. Represented across various mediums such as coins, sculptures, and architectural designs, she epitomized Roman political and religious ideals, often drawing inspiration from other contemporary goddesses like Athena. Nevertheless, Roma emerged as a distinctive emblem of Rome's essence.

As an archetype, Roma epitomized the ideal of a rational woman, blending intellect with emotional intelligence to navigate challenging circumstances adeptly. She exemplified the ability to maintain composure in crises, devising strategic solutions with unwavering resolve, thereby influencing events and outcomes decisively.

Depicted in Roman art and currency donning military regalia, Roma symbolized valor and authority, embodying the essence of Rome's power.

The Hercules knot, imbued with metaphorical significance representing infinity, held a prominent place in Roman culture. Celebrated for its symbolic potency, it was even recommended by figures like Pliny for its purported medicinal properties in wound dressing. One theory suggests its origin lies in the myth of Hercules fastening the skin of the Nemean lion, slain during his legendary labors, around his neck.

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