Coral Horn Lucky Charm with 18 Kt Gold Crown and a small Topaz

• Handmade 100% Made in Italy • Authentic Italian Red Coral • Crown material: 18 Kt Gold • Topaz • Horn length : 6 cm

This beautiful coral and 18 Kt gold horn comes from the Italian sea and was purchased in Torre del Greco, which has a long tradition in coral jewelry, and then mounted with an 18 Kt gold crown and a small topaz by our goldsmiths. . The coral horn is an amulet that, traditionally, brings good luck. It is given especially to children for protection: in many paintings of the 1500’s you can see children with a small horn or a coral branch. Famous, in this regard, is one of the most famous paintings by Piero della Francesca : Jesus is wearing coral! ("Madonna di Senigallia", 1470, Urbino, Galleria Nazionale) The use of the “corno” began around the Mediterranean during the Neolithic period, around 3500 B.C. This symbol was used by those ancient people as the bringer of good fortune as well as fertility. As a matter of fact, during that time, fertility was considered a blessing to the community. Likewise, the bull’s horns were also a symbol of male strength and virility. During ancient times, the horn was used as a votive offering to the Goddesses Venus and Luna. The red coral often used to make the charm is sacred to Venus, goddess of love. The red color and phallic shape are also related to the male fertility god Priapus. Jewelry seems to be the most popular way to wear the horn. A keepsake to pass down or a gift of luck and protection.