"Tiare" fountain sterling silver replica ( Porta Angelica, Saint Peter Colonnato )

• Handmade 100% • Made in Rome, Italy • Material : Sterling Silver • Sculpture Lost Wax Casting • Height : 12 cm (4.7 Inches) • Length : 10 cm (3.9 Inches)

Sterling silver replica of the "Fontana delle Tiare", located next to the Colonnade of San Pietro, in the Borgo district, in Rome. Weight 490 gr. The Tiare fountain stands in the corner of the Via di Porta Angelica in Colonnato Square. It was designed by Pietro Lombardi and built in 1927 together with a dozen or so other fountains aimed at improving the appearance of the city. It stands on a large base divided into three parts; there are also three small tanks in the form of shells that collect the water that falls from three spigots. The fountain is decorated with three keys of St Peter and four papal tiaras. The largest tiara bears the coat of arms of Rome and that of the district.