Rome Fountain (Paolo V Borghese- via della Conciliazione-S.Peter Basilica ) sterling silver replica

• Handmade 100% • Made in Rome, Italy • Material : Sterling Silver • Sculpture Lost Wax Casting • Height : 13 cm (5.11 Inches) • Length : 8 cm (3.14 Inches)

This Sterling Silver Fountain is located in via della Conciliazione, the large street that leads to St. Peter's Square. The two fountains now in via della Conciliazione,( this is one of the two) , were leaning against the façade of the Palazzo dei Penitenzieri in Borgo Vecchio and were part of the group of fountains that Pope Paul V Borghese, during his pontificate (1605 - 21) had made to realize. He wanted to leave testimony of himself and his family in the coats of arms and heraldic effigies that adorned all the compositions. The two fountains of the palace of the Penitentiaries had already been deactivated but still had more luck than the others. They were rebuilt and reactivated in via della Conciliazione, leaning against the new facade of the palace of the Penitentiaries. The fountain on the right of the façade, closest to the Basilica, is framed in a tympanum supported by two thin pilasters resting on a multi-level articulated base. Inside the tympanum, the Borghese eagle is represented in the act of spreading its wings. At the center of the composition we find the dragon, also with open wings, which throws water into a basin suspended at the height of the base. On the ground, a travertine square delimits the area of ​​the fountain in the porphyry flooring.