Authentic bronze coin (I cent.BC ) depicting the "dextrarum iunctio", symbol of marriage or friendship

  • • Handmade 100% Made in Italy • Authentic Roman Bronze Coin 1st cent. BC • Band material: Sterling Silver 925

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In this 18 Kt Gold pendant is set an authentic roman coin, depicting a Dextrarum iunctio: clasped hands holding winged caduceus.
The dextrarum iunctio was the ceremonial handshake that two spouses made at the time of marriage. The representation of the spouses in the act of shaking their right hands (dextrarum iunctio inter coniuges) is a recurring theme of pagan and Christian Roman iconography, starting from the end of the Republican age until the beginning of the 7th century; this gesture also meant harmony, affinity, friendship and loyalty.
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